Monday, December 3, 2007

Where's the quilt?

My Grandmother was a quilter and my Mom is a quilter. Over the years they have both made us lovely quilts but sadly they are stored away in the closet. Why you ask . . . see picture!

This was the scene in our bedroom last night. My husband was laying across the bottom of the bed watching football and these two were making themselves comfortable. This is why they are kenneled at night. Clearly all four of us would not fit comfortably in the bed and if they are not kenneled they insist on being in our bed. So the quilts will remain in the closet for safekeeping.

I'll have a card to share shortly. Please stop back.


Flossie's Follies said...

LOL, I have two cats and no matter how many cat beds they have they want the big one where the adults sleep.

Karrie Baker said...

This is so cute and such a common look at my house! LOL Thanks for sharing them with me! :)